Positive Images
  1. Mentoring Leadership
    In 2014 Steve White was honored to be named the national mentor of the year by 100 Black Men of America, the largest black run mentoring organization in the nation.
    Mentoring Leadership
  2. Proud graduates
    2018 marks the 25th year of our mentoring program, "From Black Boy to Black Man: What Does It Take?"
    Proud graduates
  3. Academic Summer Camp
    Steve White teaches a class on entrepreneurship at one of the academic summer camps his company develops for schools, municipalities and other organizations. Students learn the fundamentals of business and entrepreneurship.
    Academic Summer Camp
  4. The power of family
    This is a photo of our family enjoying some vacation time on the beautiful island of Honduras. Family is the core strength of the black family. We work to strengthen the family through our work.
    The power of family
  5. From inmate to mentor
    The young man in red spent 19 years in prison, entering at the age of 17. Now he serves as a mentor and positive role model.
    From inmate to mentor
  6. It's about our children
    Do we love black children enough to help them reach their full potential? They are indeed our future and the world is in their hands. If they die, we die. If they live, we live!
    It's about our children