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We are fully committed to the positive development of the black family and we begin with our children. 
All of our work focuses on solutions to the challenges facing black children and the entire black family. We have to do more talk about the problems, we need solutions.
We work directly with children, parents, educators and the entire community. We cannot do better until we know better.


The number one resource for black parents and all who are concerned about the positive development of black children and the entire black family.

Helping Black Children Reach Their Full Potential: The Seven Keys to Developing the Genius Inherent in All Black Children

This is a must workshop for all parents and teachers of black children as well as those who are concerned about their future. In this workshop we identify the seven key components that must be instilled in the lives of all black children if they are to reach their full potential. We provide insight and practical strategies that can be utilized by parents and teachers to develop the genius that's lying dormant in too many black children. This workshop is a life changing experience. 

From Black Boy to Black Man: What Does It Take?   A Personal Development and Mentoring Program

It is obvious that black males face a unique set of challenges in this society. So in 1993, we created a personal development and mentoring program specifically for black males to address those challenges. This program prepares black males, ages 12 to 18 to make the transition to true manhood, not boys in men's bodies. We enhance their ability to make intelligent decisions because we recognize that the key to manhood is to unlock the mind. This program is based on our own curriculum and experiences. We're not using outdated or ineffective material borrowed from another program. Please contact us for more information.

           The Seven Keys to Building a New Man:                         A Transformative Re-entry Program             for Black Male Inmates

   Soon the handcuffs will be removed, the gates will open and another “guest” of America’s jails and prisons will be released. Will he be ready? Has he been prepared for re-entry into a hostile environment? A black man and a felon.   
   Seven out of every ten black men released from prison will return. This is a program that will prepare black males for successful re-entry into society as productive men, responsible husbands and supporting fathers. The root causes of black males criminal activity will be addressed and the root solutions that will prevent their reincarceration will be provided.

                     Academic Summer Camps                       for Middle School Students

We work with cities, schools and other organizations to create academic summer camps for middle school students in urban communities. These camps provide academic enhancement and fun and educational field trips for the students while also providing jobs for high school and college students and for teachers. We identify the financial support so there is no burden on the sponsoring city.