"Your work is legendary," a college professor once said to Steve White and indeed it is. Notice that the professor didn't say, 'You are legendary,' but he spoke about Steve's work and we all know that one's work should speak for them. 
     Steve White is an educator, mentor and author whose life's work is focused on the positive development of the black family. He was named one of South Florida's top black in 2018. He received the Chairman's Award for Mentoring Leadership from 100 Black Men of America. He has been honored by Delta Sigma Theta, Phi Beta Sigma and numerous churches and community organizations. Steve has also been honored by the Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion. He has received the Key to the City from the city from which he was born and raised. The awards and recognition has been wonderful, but for Steve, it's all about the work.
     Steve's workshops and lectures for parents, educators, community members, churches, colleges and universities, social service agencies and others are informative, inspiring and life changing. His workshop, Helping Black Children Reach Their Full Potential is a must attend workshop for all parents and educators. 94% of the attendees rate it as an excellent presentation!
     Steve's mentoring program is entitled, From Black Boy to Black Man: What Does It Take? Created in 1993, this is one of the most successful mentoring programs in the country. And the mentoring program is complemented by Steve's prison re-entry program that helps prepare black men for successful re-entry into society as responsible men, fathers and husbands.
     In addition to Steve's work with parents, educators and others, he is also the author of Helping Black Children Reach Their Full Potential: The Seven Keys to Developing the Genius Inherent in All Black Children. This dynamic book should be read by all parents of black children, educators of black children and who are concerned about the future of black children.

     All of the work that Steve does is only made possible because of the support he receives from his daughter, Kimberly. Kimberly is the administrator for HattiesChild.com. A graduate of Clark Atlanta University, Kimberly is a brilliant educator, life coach, motivator and wonderful daughter. Her strength, inspiration, leadership and work is integral to the success of HattiesChild.com.
     A word about the name. Hattie was and is Steve's mother and of course, Kimberly's grandmother. Although she transitioned from the physical to the spirit world, she lives. She was the epitome of a strong, loving, wise and hardworking black mother. She used her gifts and talents to their fullest extent and she provided a foundation on which her children and grandchildren will forever stand. We must always remember and honor those who paved the way.
     Peace and Blessings!

Steve White receives the Chairman's Award for Mentoring Leadership from 100 Black Men of America in 2014.
In 2018 Steve White was named one of South Florida's top black educators by Legacy magazine. The honor recognizes Steve's work with our children, parents, educators, churches and numerous organizations.