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​     I was recently reminded that the two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why you were born.
     I learned while still a child that I had a strong desire to know about black people, that I loved black people and I had a strong desire to help black people. Therefore the work that I have done literally all of my adult life is a divinely assigned mission that I could choose to accept or reject. I choose to accept.
     I have 30 years of experience as an independent educator and the focus of my work has always been the positive development of the black family. 
     It is very important that I be an example of what I teach. Secondly, I believe that information is our most important weapon in the fight to move black people forward. We cannot do better until we know better.
     Over the years, I have developed informative, life changing workshops that I present to parents, teachers and members of the community. I work with public, private and charter schools, colleges and universities, churches, community and social service agencies.
     One of my most requested workshop presentations is entitled, "Helping Black Children Reach Their Full Potential: The Seven Keys to Developing the Genius Inherent in All Black Children." ​Please read more about this workshop and my presentations.
     Another service that I am extremely proud of are the academic summer camps that we develop for middle school students. the camps provide a fun and productive summer experience for middle schoolers.
     In 1993, I was inspired to start my mentoring and personal development program for black males entitled, "From Black Boy to Black Man: What Does It Take?" (photo below shows some of the recent graduates proudly displaying their certificates.) It is now one of the most successful mentoring programs in the country. In 2014, I received the Chairman's Award for Mentoring Leadership from 100 Black Men of America in recognition of my work as a mentor. (see middle photo below) 
     "The Seven Keys to Building a New Man" is the title of the program I created to help black males who have been incarcerated or are incarcerated. The programs prepares them for successful reentry into society.
     The mass incarceration of black males and females is having a devastating impact on the black family. We must work on the front end to prevent our sons and daughters from being locked up, but if so, when they are released, they must not go back.
     I strongly encourage you to purchase and read my book, "Helping Black Children Reach Their Full Potential." It's a resource that every parent, teacher and anyone concerned about black children should read.
     My company name is Hattie's Child in honor of my mother. A woman who exemplified everything a son could ever want in a mother. She used her gifts to reach her full potential.

Steve White
educator author mentor

  • 2014 National Mentor of the year
  • 2018 Named one of South Florida's top black educators
  • Honored by Delta Sigma Theta, Phi Beta Sigma 
  • ​Receipient of Key to the City
  • Winner of Allstate Stories of Strength from Tom Joyner Family Reunion

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Steve teaching class on entrepreneurship at academic summer camp developed by his firm.

Graduates from mentoring program proudly show off their certificates

Receiving the Chairman's  Award from 100 Black Men of America

Meet Kimberly White

Kimberly White

      Yes, Kimberly White is my daughter and she is an integral member of HattiesChild.com. Kimberly brings a wealth of business experience to HattiesChild.com and most importantly, she brings unconditional love for black children and the entire black family. Her fresh and innovative ideas means that we will remain committed, relevant and we will continue to contribute to be a valuable resource to black parents and we will continue to work for the positive development of the black family. 
​     Kimberly will continue to help in the development of our educational programs and with our social media campaigns.