From Black Boy to Black Man: What Does It Take?

This is a personal development and mentoring program designed for 12 - 18 year old black males. This is one of the most successful mentoring programs in the country. We have a 25 year track record of preparing black boys to make the transition to true manhood.
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What Does It Take for Black Boys to Make the Successful Transition to true Manhood?

The answers are found in this life changing, life saving program.

Created in 1993 by Steve White, From Black Boy to Black Man addresses
the unique challenges Black males face as they strive to achieve manhood
in a society that feels threatened by their very presence and works
against their empowerment as men.
The failure of many programs that deal with Black males is due to the
fact that the cultural needs of Black males are never addressed. The
title of this program leaves no room for doubt. This is a program for
and about the personal development of Black males.
   Furthermore, this program is not a quick fix. We are building a foundation the young men will be able to stand on for a lifetime.
     Each specially selected topic is designed to either change or enhance the mindset of the students enrolled in the program.

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Program Topics

Preparing our sons for manhood!

Building Self Esteem and Self Respect

The objectives of the first session are to help young men understand the value of self-esteem and how to instill these characteristics in their lives. The students will learn how the lack of self-esteem and self-respects affects every aspect of their lives.

African & African American History

Black males must understand their culture and the tradition of excellence which is their true history. History and culture will instill in the students a sense of who they are and what they are capable of.

How to Be Successful in School

We instill in the young men a positive attitude towards school, good study habits, time management skills and how to make their education relevant. The students receive practical, easy to apply tips for being successful in the classroom. 

Critical Thinking Skills: How to Make Good Decisions

Our boys must learn to control their emotions and make rational decisions. The emotions of fear and anger will be addressed as well as money management and health and nutrition.

Music, Television, Movies and Social Media

Defining Who You Are: Identifying Gifts and Talents

This segment examines the messages and images that Black males receive from the media. We address how Black males are affected by these messages and how to overcome their negative impact.
The young men will learn how to identify their gifts, talents and purpose. In addition, we help them identify their career goals and teach them the importance of developing an action plan to achieve their goals.