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Helping Black Children Reach Their Full Potential: The 7 Keys to Developing the Genius Inherent in All Black Children

     There are seven key components that must be instilled in the lives of black children if they are to reach their full potential. Yes, there is a proven formula that brings out the genius that is inherent in all black children. The system of white supremacy and its intentional miseducation of black children has deliberately stunted the growth of black children. Our children should not be lagging behind in areas of academic achievement. However parents must create an environment at home that lays the foundation for their children's success and educators must create a learning environment at school that stimulates the learning process for black children instead of killing it. 
     This workshop, which correlates with the book of the same title should be attended by every parent, future parent, educator, future educator and everyone that is genuinely concerned about the positive development of black children. 
     The attendees will leave with a clear understanding of the challenges facing black children and how to instill the seven components into the lives of black children and why. No matter the age of the child, their lives must be infused with the seven components.
Helping Black Boys Find Success in the Classroom and Beyond
 This is a workshop presentation designed especially for educators, parents and all who are genuinely concerned with moving black boys from potential to actual achievement. Black males are the most endangered group in America. This workshop which compliments the workshop, Helping Black Children Reach Their Full Potential, goes in-depth into the unique challenges facing black boys. 
     In this presentation, the attendees will gain an understanding of the institutional barriers in the educational process that has systematically prevented Black boys from reaching their full potential. We will examine the barriers and present practical steps that educators, parents and others can implement to overcome or eliminate the barriers.
     Specific issues addressed will include how to improve the reading levels of Black boys with focus on improving their love of reading and their reading comprehension. Other issues addressed will include reducing the disproportionate disciplinary incidents for Black boys. The workshop will also address how to expand the horizons of Black boys, identify their innate gifts and talents and increase their exposure to other career options beyond professional sports.
     In addition, we will address how to get the parents of Black boys more involved in their educational process.
Understanding God and Your Divine Purpose for Living
     God has been the great mystery to man for ages. Although many profess to worship God, do we know and understand exactly who God is? And if we don't truly know and understand God, how can we truly know ourselves? How do we understand our purpose in life, if we don't understand the true God? Are the answers found in the many religions and the many denominations and sects that make up the many religions? Is the practice of religion an admission that man has a limited understanding of the true and living God? 
     There are answers to the many questions posed and we seek to find those answers in this life changing, life saving presentation. The God force is the most important force in our lives, but if we don't understand how to activate this force and if we are falsely taught, we can be rendered powerless and spend our lives worshipping false gods and lies instead of the truth. Experience this workshop and your life will be forever changed for the positive.

The Challenges & Responsibilities of Black College Students

     This is a workshop designed especially for black college students. Each and every year, college students acquire thousands of dollars of debt only to ultimately graduate with limited career opportunities and no clear path to achieve their ultimate goals. In this workshop, we help college students and potential college students better understanding how to get the most of the college experience. What are the real challenges they will encounter and what is their responsibility to themselves, their families, their communities and to their people? Are they attending college for the right reasons? 
     College students are supposed to be some of the brightest young people that we have to offer, but why are they struggling after college and why haven't their education had a greater impact on the condition of life for the masses of black people? 
     Like all of our workshops, we seek to provide answers, not simply talk about the problems. We are committed to solutions, not just conversation. This presentation will make a positive difference in the lives of all of the students. We look forward to coming to your college or university soon.
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This is the age of information. We can't do better unless we know better. Every workshop and lecture we offer is designed to provide the information necessary to help black children reach their full potential and to aid in the positive development of the black family. We look forward to hearing from you.